The Story

MadDash Designs is a company founded by artist Andrew “Andy” Kenyon. Andy has spent over 25 years in the visual arts field but has spent his entire life as a lover of cars. It was only a matter of time before his passion for both art and cars would come crashing together in the form of the company MadDash Designs. Andy is committed to making sure every product that leaves the doors of the MadDash Designs studio is built to the highest standards possible. Made from your choice of either genuine top grain cow hide or a rugged hybrid variety, no two pieces will ever be alike. They may be made for the same model car, but when compared side by side, each piece will have its own unique character and feel as any work of art should.

The Quote

When asked why he decided to venture into this part of the automotive aftermarket, Andy responds: 

“I have always felt that there has been something missing in the automotive aftermarket when it comes to dashboard customization. Sure, you can purchase many different varieties of inexpensive dash covers, but every one of them will have that cold, mass produced feel to them. Enthusiasts are looking for their cars to stand out – to be different in some way. These are the enthusiasts that MadDash Designs intends to cater to. Enthusiasts that look at the silhouette of a Porsche 911 or the in-your-face lines of a Nissan GTR and see a work of art instead of just another mode of transportation. I want to provide a unique hand-crafted piece that car enthusiasts can be proud to own and show off – a piece that will bring that ‘cool’ factor to their interior and, like an old leather jacket, will just get better looking with age.”

The Mission

MadDash Designs strives to mesh art with the automobile in the form of handmade leather dash pads that are handcrafted and customized to each client’s specific desires. We want our clients to feel that they have been a part of the creative process and that they are truly purchasing a one-of-a-kind piece of automotive artwork.


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